Classic vented window

Not to be old, To be classic !!  We love Miata forever !!

This is a plan I've been nursing in my mind from 1994. Of course I know Miata enthusiast want.

May be I need passage of time.


We are sorry for tha late of development.
 We do have entrust 8 inches big navigation development,design and making.  june 2010

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We designed by CAD from the data of pure genuine vented window by 3D mesure. And make by 3D printing.


My own goal is a new structure design can do change by Bolt-On instruction only.

We restart again because we settle down the 8 inches navigation development.  january 2011

<<<<< Do big modify the design. Because I can't satisfy the first design. >>>>>

★ I'm thinking, The classic car do fit the classical design parts. ★

★ All parts design is brand new and original. ★

★ Basic design is art deco, But do fit the miata. ★

★ The limit angle is until 30. Because the fast flow is draw the inside air. ★

★ This product is limited only. That's why we do use a serial numbers. ★

★ The KGWorks carved seal on the glass plane. ★

★★★ If i'm not satisfy this products, I don't released! ★★★

【 The 1st trial design 】
Assemble image
Structure parts
The simulation of classic vented window on the miata's 3D data.

Do alteration this design, because I can't still satisfy.

【 The 2nd trial design 】
Assemble image
Close up the parts

Not postmodern. Do art deco.

The illusion design for, You don't feel small glass area.

Do hide the window rubber by flange for smart appearance.

Still not noble design.

【 The 3rd trial design 】
Assemble image
Close up the parts

Do design at the limit of structure.

Made a highlight for inside. 'cause the lever can see the outside.

A common design for upper and lower hinges.

Do modifyed hinges to be more mild.

The lever and button design can feel soft touch for your use.

Intricate cross section for more than strong frame structure.

【 The 4th trial design 】
Close up the parts

Do design for vibrate-proof in tight space.

The same bearing for the dual head light of KGWorks made.

※ Thank you for your appreciate. This product is limited edition only, 'cause we suffer a big losses by fake products in the world.

We make 1917 classic vented windows after for established year.

         【 The 2nd trial manufucture 】2011/07/29
The trial manufucture of glass before mass products.

The glasspart is blue area.

This article meets the standard.

The result of destroy exam for pass a standard.

The carved seal for evidence.

       【 The 1st mesure of glass 】2011/08/03
The comparison of CAD data and 1st trial manufacture

We undestand the gap by color. ( Outside )

Still big gap ( Inside )

The report of result of measure.

Need high level class water-proof rubber and structure.

We want sell in this year.......

    【 The 2nd mesure and Assy of glass 】2011/08/31
The comparison of CAD data and 2nd trial manufacture

Mass products class is good result ( Inside )

Mass products class is good result ( Outside )
The Assy of 2nd trial manufacture

This is made by ABS for Assy. ( mass products is metal )

I can't satisfy this upper side shape. Need more fit.

Genuine glass shape is diferent for genuine frame !

The other part is good design and function !

- - - - - To be continue - - - - -

 Our work sample

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 We love mature machine !

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