KGWorks brand was established by a great fan of MIATA, in 1992.
The Company is distributing one and only selected products manufactured with a passion of representing "beauty of MIATA" and "craftsmanship."

We innovate products not to give its priority over business, but "embodied in improved designs and functions" and "manufacture products for what we want" are our committed themes.
Today, as a result our products go beyond meeting customers needs to fulfilling their desires.

There are many products which have been manufactured and imitated without any permissions.
"Replacement Top" by AMCO is our own design with repeated examinations by KGWorks. BSP "Lowprofile dual light kit" is also an imitation from the one out of four items we manufactured and exported to the States in 1993. However, a light from "M Speedster" in MRA Chicago Show model is the one we produced.
There are many other products such as "Wheel Spacer," "Hight Adjust Dumper" as well.

It may occur and increase to have our products imitations if we represent our site here but furthermore, I would like to introduce our products made by KGWorks.

This site is dedicated to the soul of KGWorks products.

for the MIATA enthusiast