1. Dual Head Lamp Conversion(The Originator) SOLD OUT
  2. Fender Flare Kit SOLD OUT
  3. Soft top(Black) SOLD OUT
  4. Soft top(Tan) SOLD OUT
  5. Classical Air Duct with Turn & Signal 1A(Stainless)New Price
  6. Classical Air Duct with Turn & Signal 1B(Aluminium) SOLD OUT
  7. Classical Air Duct with Turn & Signal 2A(Mesh) SOLD OUT
  8. Classical Air Duct with Turn & Signal 2B(Bar)
  9. Rear Spoiler Please see Rspeed website
  10. Front Window Washer Nozzle
  11. Stainless Steel Hub Caps SOLD OUT
  12. Rear Stop Lamp Plate(MIATA)
  13. Rear Stop Lamp Plate(KGWorks)
  14. Oil Cap SOLD OUT
  15. Fuel Lid
  16. Classic Grille Guards
  17. Belette G Mirror SOLD OUT
  18. Alfa Romeo Mirror SOLD OUT
  19. Radiator Wind Restrain Plate SOLD OUT
  20. Rear Window Louvers SOLD OUT
  21. 4 Lamp PODS SOLD OUT
  22. Dual Tail Light SOLD OUT

  1. Black out Head Light (for New Miata) SOLD OUT
  2. Fuel Lid (for MK2/NB) SOLD OUT
  3. Vary's products
Japanese parts for MIATA can be exported. Ask readily.Since KGWorks has contracted with DHL specially, a shipping cost ends at a low price. However, it restricts to what has good quality.